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1. The Portfolio Process.

Organization. Why Do I Need a Portfolio? What is a Portfolio? What Supplies Do I Need To Get Started? How Will I Use This in the Job Search Process? How Will I Use This in a Job Review? I Need a Portfolio Now!!! Sounds Great But It Won't Work for Me. Sounds Great But I Don't Need It, I Have Lots of Job Offers.

2. The Details.

Statement of Originality and Confidentiality. Work Philosophy. Goals. Résumés. Skill Sets. Computers and Related Technologies. Work Samples. Works in Progress. Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees, or Awards. Community Service. Professional Memberships and Services. Academic Plan of Study. Faculty and Employer Biographies. References.

3. The Assembly.

Assembling the Portfolio. Step 1...Things to Gather. Step 2...Sorting and Organizing Work Samples. Step 3...Putting It Together. Step 4...Developing Support Materials. Step 5...Check It Out. Tips For Creating the Performance Portfolio.

4. Using It.

Using the Portfolio During an Interview. Using the Performance Portfolio at the Review. Using the Performance Portfolio to Get a Promotion. OOPS,...I Blew Them Away.

A Matter of Style.

Text. Visual Media Working With Pictures and Video. Production Tools Copiers, Scanners, and Printers. Paper and Printing. Send Us Your Success Story.