Creative and mental growth (8° ed )


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Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creative and intellectual growth are the basis of any educational system, and it is the hope that this book can contribute to an understanding of the importance of this area so as to make the education of children a joyful and meaningful experience.

1. The Importance of Art for Education.
2. Understanding Growth and Development.
3. The Development of Creativity.
4. The Development of Aesthetic Awareness.
5. Art in the Elementary School.
6. The Beginnings of Self-Expression: The Scribbling Stage, Two-Four Years.
7. First Representational Attempts: The Preschematic Stage, Four-Seven Years.
8. The Achievement of a Form Concept: The Schematic Stage, Seven-Nine Years.
9. The Dawning Realism: The Gang Age, Nine-Twelve Years.
10. Art in the Secondary School.
11. The Age of Reasoning: The Pseudo-Naturalistic Stage, Twelve- Fourteen Years.
12. The Period of Decision: Adolescent Art in the High School, Fourteen-Seventeen Years.