Css fundamentals (video training) (1st ed )


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Start building state-of-the-art CSS Web sites right now!

This one-of-a-kind video package gives you instant skills, answers, and solutions from more than sevenhours of quick, easy DVD video LiveLessons.

Expert Web developer Christian Montoya teaches you CSS2 the right wayhands-on, and step-by-step! These video lessons focus on exactly what you need to know to master new skills fast and put those skills to work immediately. Simply place the DVD video in your computer's DVD drive, and begin mastering CSS the easy way!

Watch and learn how to create new style sheets, and take total pixel-level control over your Web pages. Then, building on the basics, master cascading, inheritance, lists, forms, frameworks, grid-based design, and more. Create powerful, accessible layouts and sites*troubleshoot misbehaving CSS and browser incompatibilities*even create style sheets for iPhones and other mobile phones!

DVD Contents

1: Introduction to CSS [00:11:43]

2: CSS Basics [00:35:11]

3: Colors, Text, and Images [01:00:30]

4: Layout, Positioning, and the Box Model [00:47:00]

5: Presenting Data with Tables and Lists [00:50:30]

6: Frameworks and Grid-Based Design [00:34:12]

7: Tips and Tricks for Column Layouts [00:36:15]

8: CSS Sprites [00:37:58]

9: Quick-Fire Walkthroughs (3 Designs from Mockups) [01:06:45]

10: Browser Testing [00:36:19]

11: Alternate Style Sheets for Print, Mobile, and iPhone [00:24:19]