Culture and Children's Intelligence
Cross-Cultural Analysis of the WISC-III

Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional Series

Coordinators: Georgas James, Weiss Lawrence G., van de Vijver Fons J.R., Saklofske Donald H.

Language: Anglais
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336 p. · 15.2x22.9 cm · Hardback
This book provides a unique cross-cultural perspective of the WISC-III. From construction, translation and adaptation in different cultures, to analysis of its structure and function as a concept, to its clinical use with different ethnic groups, Culture and Children's Intelligence provides clinician's the tools they need when using the WISC-III. The focus of this reference work is on children's intelligence as measured by the WISC-III in different cultures and its use in these cultures (USA, UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Greece). It also discusses the interpretation of the results of the WISC-III in terms of cultural and ethnic factors.

* Leading experts discuss the clinical use of the WISC-III as it relates to culture and children
* Provides methods to clinicians and school psychologists to aid in understanding and interpreting results
* Direct relevance to practitioners, researchers, and trainers
A.S. Kaufman, Foreword.
D.H. Saklofske, L.G. Weiss, A.L. Beal, and D. Coalson, The Wechsler Scales for Assessing Children's Intelligence: Past to Present.
J. Georgas, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Intelligence and Cognitive Processes.
L.G. Weiss, The WISC-III in the United States.
D.H. Saklofske, Canada.
P. McKeown, United Kingdom.
J. Gregoire, France and French-Speaking Belgium.
M. Schittekatte, W. Kort, W. Resing, G. Vermeir, P. Verhaeghe, The Netherlands and Flemish-Speaking Belgium.
U. Tewes, Germany.
P. Rossmann and U. Schallberger, Austria and German-Speaking Switzerland.
K. Sonnander and B. Ramund, Sweden.
G. Gintiliene and S. Girdzijauskiene, Lithuania.
D. Boben and V. Bucik, Slovenia.
J. Georgas, I.N. Paraskevopoulos, E. Besevegis, N. Giannitsas, and K. Mylonas, Greece.
K. Ueno and I. Nakatani, Japan.
K. Kwak, South Korea.
H.Y. Chen, Y.H. Chen, and J. Zhu, Taiwan.
F.J.R. van de Vijver, Principles of Adaptation of Intelligence Tests to Other Cultures.
F.J.R. van de Vijver, K. Mylonas, V. Pavlopoulos, and J. Georgas, Methodology of Combining the WISC-III Data Sets.
J. Georgas, F.J.R. van de Vijver, L.G. Weiss, and D.H. Saklofske, A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the WISC-III.
School psychologists, clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, special education teachers and evaluators.