Decision support and business intelligence systems (9th ed )


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Part I: Decision Support and Business Intelligence
Chapter 1: Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence

Part II: Computerized Decision Support
Chapter 2: Decision Making, Systems, Modeling, and Support
Chapter 3: Decision Support Systems Concepts, Methodologies, and Technologies: An Overview
Chapter 4: Modeling and Analysis

Part III: Business Intelligence
Chapter 5: Data Mining for Business Intelligence
Chapter 6: Artificial Neural Networks for Data Mining
Chapter 7: Text and Web Mining
Chapter 8: Data Warehousing
Chapter 9: Business Performance Management

Part IV: Collaboration, Communication, Group Support Systems, and Knowledge Management
Chapter 10: Collaborative Computer-Supported Technologies and Group Support Systems
Chapter 11: Knowledge Management

Part V: Intelligent Systems
Chapter 12: Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Chapter 13: Advanced Intelligent Systems
Chapter 14: Management Support Systems: Emerging Trends and Impacts

Online Files:
Online File W2
W2.1: The MMS Running Case
Online File W3
W3.1: Databases
W3.2: Major Capabilities of the UIMS
Online File W4
W4.1: Influence Diagrams
W4.2: Linear Programming Optimization: The Blending Problem
W4.3: Lindo Example: The Product-Mix Model
W4.4: Lingo Example: The Product-Mix Model
W4.5: Links to Excel Files of Section 4.9
Online File W5
W5.1: CreditRisk.xlsx
W5.2: MovieTrain.xlsx
W5.3: MovieTest.xlsx
Online File W6
W6.1: The Forest CoverType Dataset
Online File W9
W9.1:Portfolio of Options
W9.2:Effective Performance Measurement
W9.3: Influence Problems with Dashboard Displays