Developing essential study skills


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336 p. · Paperback
This guide to study skills is essential reading for students going to university for the first time. Whether it is read before or alongside a study skills module, Developing Essential Study Skills will enable students to gain the necessary skills and confidence to really make the most of time at university. The aim is to equip students with the key skills to enable success in the highly competitive era of mass higher education, and to cope with the increasing trend toward independent study and lifelong learning. It has been designed to help develop the skills necessary for working life as we move into the new millennium. Since this is primarily a self-study text, an active learning approach has been adopted.


1. Learning to learn.
2. Managing stress and time.
3. Group working skills.
4. Finding information.
5. Reading for study.
6. Taking notes.
7. Working with numbers.


8. Essay writing.
9. Writing reports and dissertations.
10. Case studies.
11. Presentations.
12. Examinations.

  • An abundance of activities appear throughout each chapter encouraging the students to actively build up their skills as they progress through the book.
  • Written in a lively style likely to appeal to an undergraduate audience.
  • Concepts are clearly expressed and illustrated with diagrams throughout.