Developments in Applied Spectroscopy, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1970
Volume 7B Selected papers from the Seventh National Meeting of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (Nineteenth Annual Mid-America Spectroscopy Symposium) Held in Chicago, Illinois, May 13-17, 1968

Developments in Applied Spectroscopy Series, Vol. 7b


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Volume 7 of Developments in Applied Spectroscopy is a collection of forty-two papers selected from those that were presented at the 7th National Meeting of the Society of Applied Spectroscopy, held (in place of the 19th Mid-America Symposium on Spectroscopy) in Chicago, May 13-17, 1968. These papers, selected by the editors and reviewed by persons knowledgeable in the field, are those of the symposium type and not those pertaining to specific research topics that one would expect to be submitted to a journal. It is the opinion of the committee that this type of publication has an important place in the literature. The relatively large number of papers would result in quite a sizable volume if bound in one set of covers. For this reason, and to present the material in areas of more specific iilterest, Volume 7 was divided into two parts, Part A, Physical-Inorganic, and Part B, Physical-Organic Developments. The 7th National Meeting was sponsored by the Chicago Section as host in cooperation with the St. Louis, New England, Penn York, Niagara-Frontier, Cincinnati, Ohio Valley, New York, Baltimore-Washington, North Texas, Rocky Mountain, and Southeastern Sections of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy and the Chicago Gas Chromatography Group. The editors wish to express their appreciation to the authors and to those who helped with the reviewing. The latter include Dr. Elma Lanterman, Mr. John E. Forrette, Dr. Carl Moore, Dr. B. Jaselskis, Mr. H. G. Zelinski, Mr.
of Volume 7B.- Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy.- Spectral Properties of Carbonate in Carbonate-Containing Apatites.- Polarized Infrared Reflectance of Single Crystals of Apatites.- Analytical Infrared Spectra of Particulate Alpha-Aluminas.- Analysis of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Plastics by Infrared Spectroscopy.- Design and Application of a High Temperature Infrared Cell for the Study of Polymeric Materials.- Spectroscopic Studies of Hydrogen Bonding.- Vibrational and Electronic Raman Effect.- Raman Spectroscopy of Polymeric Materials. Part I — Selected Commercial Polymers.- Internal-Reflection Spectroscopy.- Internal-Reflection Spectroscopy of Nonaqueous Solvent Systems: Halides in Liquid Sulfur Dioxide.- Application of ATR to Low-Temperature Studies.- Characterization of Commercial Formulations by Combining Several Chromatographic Techniques with Multiple-Internal-Reflection and Mass Spectrometry.- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.- A Comparative NMR Study.- An NMR Study of Acrylic Polymers.- The Use of Digital Computers for NMR Calculations.- The Analysis of ABX Spectra.- Spectrochemical Applications to Textiles and Fibers.- Spectrochemical Elemental Analyses of Textiles and Textile Fibers.- The Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy in the Investigation of Cotton..- Spectroscopy and Computer Dyeing.- The Application of Internal Reflection Spectroscopy to the Quantitative Analysis of Mixed Fibers.