Education, information and transformation, essays on learning and thinking


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1. On Education for Meaning, by Jeffrey Kane. 2. Why Culture Rather Than Data Should be Understood as the Basis of Intelligence, by Chet A. Bowers. 3. Knowledge and Liberal Education: Representation, Postmodernism, and I-You Inclusive Knowing, by Dale T. Snauwaert. 4. Moral Outrage and Education, by David Purpel. 5. The Legacy of Gregory Bateson: Envisioning Aesthetic Epistemologies and Praxis, by Diana Muxworthy Feige. 6. Are There Additional Intelligences? The Case for Naturalist, Spiritual, and Existential Intelligences, by Howard Gardner. 7. In Praise of Ambiguity, by Mary Catherine Bateson. 8. Understanding Ourselves: Beyond Information Explosion, HyperText or Mechanical Memory, by Madhu Suri Prakash. 9. The Making of an Indigenous Teacher, Insights into the Ecology of Teaching, by Gregory Cajete. 10. Learning as Transformation, by Robert Samples. 11. Education and the Soul, by John P. Miller. 12. Care of the Senses: A Neglected Dimension of Education , by Robert Sardello and Cheryl Sanders. 13. From Cognitive Learning to Creative Thinking , by Joan Almon. 14. Authentic Curriculum, by David Sobel. 15. Evolution, Technology, and Romance, by Kieran Egan. 16. Stories and Conversation in Schools, by Nel Noddings.