Electrical Spectrum and Network Analyzers
A Practical Approach


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This book presents fundamentals and the latest techniques of electrical spectrum analysis. It focuses on instruments and techniques used on spectrum and network analysis, rather than theory. The book covers the use of spectrum analyzers, tracking generators, and network analyzers. Filled with practical examples, the book presents techniques that are widely used in signal processing and communications applications, yet are difficult to find in most literature.

  • Presents numerous practical examples, including actual spectrum analyzer circuits
  • Instruction on how to use spectrum analyzers, tracking generators, and network analyzers
  • End-of-chapter questions, which make the book suitable as a college-level text earthquakes
Spectrum and Spectrum Analysis. Methods of Spectrum Analysis. Frequency Control: Phase Lock and Microprocessor Controlled Spectrum Analyzers. Spectrum Analyzer Applications. Advanced Spectrum Analyzer Applications. The Tracking Generator and Scalar Network Analysis. A Practical Spectrum Analyzer. Spectrum Analyzer Performance Determination. The Network Analyzer. Bibliography. Index.
Electrical engineers and high-level electronics technicians.