Essence of consumer behaviour


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A user-friendly, readable and concise introduction to the subject of consumer behaviour.
  1. The Importance of Understanding Consumer Behaviour.
  2. Motivation.
  3. Goals and Incentives.
  4. Uncertainty and Post-Purchase Dissonance.
  5. Personality and Self-Concept.
  6. Perception and Learning Attitudes.
  7. Peer and Reference Groups.
  8. New and Repeat Buying.
  9. High-Involvement Purchasing Behaviour.
  10. Segmentation.
  11. Buyer Behaviour in Services Markets.
  12. Buying and the Marketing Mix.
  • The first half of the book covers basic psychological and sociological theory.
  • The second half covers the practicalities of using the knowledge about how consumers make decisions.
  • The book takes a marketing approach to the subject, rather than a behavioural sciences type approach.
  • Written to fit a one-semester course of twelve weeks. Each chapter has an overview, summmary and list of references / further reading.