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256 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Paperback
The PH Essence of Engineering Series provides a concise, practical and uniform introduction to the core components of an undergraduate engineering degree. Acknowledging the recent changes within Higher Education, this approach uses a variety of pedagogical tools - case studies, worked examples and self-test questions, to underpin the students learning.

The Essence of Optoelectronics is written for first year undergraduates who have no prior knowledge of the subject. The emphasis is on a real understanding of the topic, and all lengthy mathematical derivations that may be very elegant but impart little real feeling for the subject have been avoided.

This book provides a concise overview to all the areas covered in a one semester course. In each and every chapter the authors explain the pertinent physics with a clarity that is often lacking in other texts. A good example of this is the explanation of the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. All subjects are treated with the minimal amount of mathematics and supported by informative and clear figures.

1. Introduction.
2. Light and Laser Light.
3. Fundamental Optics.
4. Optical Sources.
5. Optical Fibres.
6. Specialist Devices.
7. Photodetectors.
8. Imaging Systems.
9. Display Devices.
10. Optoelectronic Applications.
  • Each chapter is a self-contained text, suitable for home study and no background in maths or physics is assumed.
  • Clear explanation of difficult subjects.
  • Tutorial questions provided.
  • Answers to questions provided in book.