Essentials of robust control (Paper)


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Based upon the popular Robust and Optimal Control by Zhou (PH, 1996), this book offers a streamlined approach to robust control that reflects the most recent topics and developments in the field. Includes end-of-chapter problems.
1. Introduction.
2. Linear Algebra.
3. Linear Systems.
4. H2 and H Spaces.
5. Internal Stability.
6. Performance Specifications and Limitations.
7. Balanced Model Reduction.
8. Uncertainty and Robustness.
9. Linear Fractional Transformation.
10. m and m- Synthesis.
11. Controller Parameterization.
12. Algebraic Riccati Equations.
13. H2 Optimal Control.
14. H Control.
15. Controller Reduction.
16. H Loop Shaping.
17. Gap Metric and &, u- Gap Metric.
18. Miscellaneous Topics.
  • Features coverage of state-of-the-art topics, including... Gap metric, V-gap metric, model validation, real mu.
  • Offers the essentials of both robust and H control suitable for a graduate course or self-study.
  • Adopts a self-contained approach, including detailed proof and development of each topic.
  • Incorporates MATLAB tools - accompanied by step-by-step illustrations - throughout the book to execute computations.
  • Supports discussions with numerous diagrams and figures.
  • Guides readers through a wealth of worked examples depicting step-by-step development.
  • Provides highlights of key results at the beginning of the book.
  • Constructs a strong pedagogical framework in each chapter, including... Guidelines for selecting topics, chapter highlights, li