Families & intimate relationships


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Although based on Melville's Marriage and Family Today, this book has been completely reorganized and rewritten by Gloria Bird to reflect the diversity of families. To reflect the extent of this revision and the nature of families today, we have retitled the book, Families and Intimate Relationships. The revision includes new chapters on power and family violence, stress, interpersonal lifestyles, single-parent families and a new appendix on managing a financial partnership. Bird's expertise in the areas of dual career families and stress is evident in the exceptionally strong coverage of these critical topics. Also available with this new edition is an Assessment Manual designed to help students evaluate their own interpersonal relationships.

Part ONE: UNDERSTANDING MARRIAGE AND FAMILY TODAY. .American Marriage and Families: A Changing Story. Gender Roles and the Family.
Part TWO: ESTABLISHING INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS. Love and Intimacy. Dating, Courtship, and Marital Choice. Interpersonal Lifestyles: Singles in the Land of the Married. Sexuality: Patterns and Attitudes.
Part THREE: FAMILY ROLES AND RELATIONSHIPS. Marriage over the Life Course. Parenthood. Family and Work Roles: Redefining the Relationship. Kin and Friends: A Support Network for Families..
Part FOUR: MAINTAINING FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS. Communication and Conflict Resolution.
Part FIVE DISSOLUTION AND THE REBUILDING OF RELATIONSHIPS. Power and Violence Stress: Individual and Family Perspectives Separation and Divorce: Dissolving the Marital Bond. The Single-Parent Families. Remarriage after Divorce: The Second Time Around