Fiber Optic Data Communication
Technology Advances and Futures

Editor-in-Chief: DeCusatis Casimer

Language: Anglais
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This book is an authoritative review of current and future trends in the field of telecommunications. Written by industry experts who are developing leading-edge data communication networks, Fiber Optic Data Communication provides professionals and students alike with a look at emerging technologies and their applications. Four of the chapters have been revised from DeCusatis's best-selling book, Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communications; the remaining eight chapters are all new. Seven helpful appendices, a glossary, and a list of technical acronyms are included. This book can stand alone or as a companion volume to DeCusatis: Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication, Second Edition (February 2002, ).

* Includes emerging technologies such as Infiniband, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and MPLS Optical Switching
* Describes leading edge commercial products, including LEAF and MetroCore fibers, dense wavelength multiplexing, and Small Form Factor transceiver packages
* Covers all major industry standards, often written by the same people who designed the standards themselves
* Includes an expanded listing of references on the World Wide Web, plus hard-to-find references for international, homologation, and type approval requirements
* Convenient tables of key optical datacom parameters and glossary with hundreds of definitions and acronyms
* Industry buzzwords explained, including SAN, NAS, and MAN networking
* Datacom market analysis and future projections from industry leading forecasters
Pt. 1 Technology Advances
Ch. 1 History of Fiber Optics
Ch. 2 Market Analysis and Business Planning
Ch. 3 Small Form Factor Fiber Optic Connector
Ch. 4 Specialty Fiber Optic Cables
Ch. 5 Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing for Data Communication Networks
Ch. 6 Optical Backplanes, Board and Chip Interconnects
Ch. 7 Parallel Computer Architectures Using Fiber Optics
Pt. 2 The Future
Ch. 8 Packaging Assembly Techniques
Ch. 9 InfiniBand - The Interconnect from Backplane to Fiber
Ch. 10 New Devices for Optoelectronics: Smart Pixels
Ch. 11 Emerging Technology for Fiber Optic Data Communication
Ch. 12 Manufacturing Challenges
App. A Measurement Conversion Tables
App. B Physical Constants
App. C Index of Professional Organizations
App. D OSI Model
App. E Network Standards and Documents
App. F Data Network Rates
App. G Other Datacom Developments
postgraduate students, researchers, and managers in the field of optical fiber communications.