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Continuing the narrative Burgess began in the preceding books Liberty Bell 7 and Freedom 7, enthusiasts will learn everything there is to know about this important period in the Mercury program in this book.  To launch its first manned orbital mission, NASA had to go back to the drawing board. Engineers used the Atlas rocket in combination with the Mercury spacecraft to enable the successful launch of the first American astronaut into space on an orbital mission. John Glenn was selected to fly the mission, but before his launch a test run was conducted with a chimpanzee named Enos on the precursory MA-5 mission. These flights marked a pivotal point in the U. S. space program.  From the flight training undertaken by John Glenn in preparation to a complete run-down of the flight of Friendship 7, it celebrates the achievements of the engineers involved as well as the later feats of John Glenn's space flight career, augmented by interviews with leading players from the era.
Developing the Mercury-Atlas program.- The orbital flight of chimpanzee Enos.- A Marine on a mission.- Delays, and more delays.- “Godspeed, John Glenn.”.- A drama-filled mission.- A safe splashdown.- Epilogue: Beyond the Mercury program.

Adds to the 'Pioneers in Early Spaceflight' series of books documenting the history of the Mercury manned missions

Provides the background of John Glenn's selection as a Mercury astronaut and his designation as the first to fly an orbital mission with NASA

Features details on the development of the Mercury-Atlas program and its first test flight with chimpanzee Enos, augmented by first-hand interviews with those involved