Futures and Options Markets : An Introduction


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For undergraduate courses in economics, agricultural and applied economics. For upper level introductory courses on futures and options markets.

This text provides an economic understanding of the development and operation of futures and options markets with numerous real world examples. It is up to date in material, and provides students with an intuitive explanation of the complicated nature of futures and options markets.

1. The Market.
2. Futures and Options Market Mechanics.
3. Commodities.
4. Financials.
5. Fundamental Analysis.
6. Technical Analysis.
7. Hedging with Futures.
8. Options Markets.
9. Hedging with Options.
Glossary of Terms.
  • A blend of material relating to options, futures, commodities and financials is offered - Provides students with a perfect balance of topics.
  • Discussion of futures and options markets is brought to life by focusing on the economic functions of the market and through numerous examples and text boxes - Makes material interesting and accessible for students.
  • Balanced presentation of both commodity and financial markets - Covers more material than other books on the market.
  • Numerous real world examples are included - Makes the complicated theory of how futures and options markets perform easier for students to understand and relate to.
  • Section on market efficiency is included - Explains to students the market efficiency debate and provides empirical evidence from econom