Handbook of child nutrition, 2nd ed 1997 (2nd Ed.)


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272 p. · 14.6x21.9 cm · Hardback
Assessment of growth in children, Infant feeding, The preschool child, The school child and adolescent, Health eating to prevent adult disease, Ethnic diets, Feeding problems in infants, Diarrhoea, Food allergy, Obesity, Dietary management of metabolic disorders, Nutritional management in chronic disease
The new edition of the Handbook of Child Nutrition provides a general introduction to nutrition in childhood. It includes accessible and practical information for community health workers, providing age-appropriate dietary advice for both healthy and sick children. In addition to updated chapters, several new sections have been included in the second edition. Readership : Health visitors, midwives, paediatric practice nurses, nursing students, school doctors and nurses, dieticians and dietetic students, and medical students.