Handbook of reliability engineering and management (2nd ed' 95)


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Introduction, Definitions, and Relationships. The Role of Management in Reliability. Managing Reliability as a Process. Economics of Reliability. Design for Reliability. Failure Modes and Effects (FMEA) and Fault-Tree Analysis (FTA) (Success-Tree Analysis STA). Reliability Specification and Goal Setting. Concurrent Engineering. Human-Centered Design. Reliability Information Collection and Analysis. Designing Experiments to Measure and Improve Reliability. Accelerated Testing. Failure Analysis System Root Cause and Corrective Action. Physics of Failure. Maintainability and Reliability. Component Reliability. Thermal Management and Reliability of Electronics. Mechanical Stress and Analysis. Mechanical Reliability. Design for Mechanical Reliability. System Reliability. Software Reliability and the Development Process. Supplier Reliability and Quality Assurance. Techniques of Estimating Reliability at Design Stage. Mathematical and Statistical Methods and Models in Reliability and Life Studies. Life Distributions and Concepts. Graphical Analyses of Reliability Data. Appendices: A: Tables and Charts. B: Charts. C: Reliability Standards and Specifications.