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A reference for engineering managers and professionals. The book provides engineering managers with an explanation of the concepts related to managing technology, and the underlying principles involved in managing technology effectively.
Management of Technology: Description, Scope, and Implications. A Business Architecture for Technology. The "Technology Cycle" Approach to Technology Management. The Technological Base of the Company. The Corporate Board and the Need for Technology Analysis. Technology Analysis: A Foundation for Technological Expertise. Technology, Strategy, and Competitiveness: An Institutional-Managerial Perspective. The Contribution of Technology to Competitive Advantage. Targeted Basic Research: Industry-University Partnerships. Managing Technology-Based Innovation. Innovation: Managing the Process. Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques. Tools for Analyzing Organizational Impacts of New Technology. Forecasting and Planning Technology. Knowledge Mapping: A Tool for Management of Technology. The Process of Developing an R&D Strategy. Decision Support Systems in R&D Project Management. Enterprise Engineering in the Systems Age. Managing the "Technology Gradient" for Global Competitiveness. Education and Learning. The Learning Organization. Knowledge Imperative and Learning Processes in Technology Management. Technical Literacy and the Knowledge Imperative. Developing Technology Managers. The New-Product Process. Managing Technology in the Substitution Context. AA Framework for Product Model and Family Competition. The Process of Managing Product Definitions in Software Product Development. Product Platform Renewal: Concept to Commercialization. Managing the Management of Technology Process. Managing Interfaces. Factors Influencing Effective Integration in Technical Organizations. Barriers to Implementation of a Structure for Managing Technology. The Need for Interdisciplinary Endeavor and Improved Functional Relationships. Research Performances Effectiveness and Impact. Long-Term Success Dimensions in Technology-Based Organizations. Measuring the Benefits from Managing Technology. Case Histories and Studies. NutraSweet-Eureka! Communication in an International Environment: Linking the Technology Resources from Four Countries. Product Definition: Keys to Successful Product Design and Marketplace Acceptance. Benchmarking Manufacturing Technology Use in the United States. Neo-Operations Strategy: Linking Capabilities-Based Competition and Technology. Interfaces.