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676 p. · 15x23.5 cm · Paperback
This edition is a revised, updated and expanded version of what is commonly regarded as the essential laboratory handbook on safety practices for and toxic effects of hazardous chemicals.Hazards in the Chemical Laboratory 5th Edition provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the safe design and operation of chemical laboratories in industrial, educational and research establishments. It outlines legislative requirements and their practical applications to laboratory work, developments in the evaluation of hazardous substances from the point of view of toxicity, flammability and reactivity, together with information and advice on the required safety procedures, including first aid and emergency remedial actionImportant Features Include: Expanded 'Yellow Pages' section on Hazardous Substances providing immediate information on the hazardous properties of and safety procedures for 1339 such substances, A complete guide to labelling requirements to comply with EC Directives and UK legislation, Index to substances providing a check list to evaluate any possible health hazard Hazards in the Chemical Laboratory 5th Edition is essential for all laboratories handling hazardous substances as it provides a quick guide to hazardous properties, as well as advice on the precautions necessary to avoid danger to health and safety.