Human behavior in organizations (book alone) (2nd ed )


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408 p. · 21x27.6 cm · Paperback
In this book, readers are introduced to the foundations of Organizational Behavior through the self-discovery of their own personalities, preferences, abilities, and learning styles. The concepts of individual, group, and organizational behavior are delivered in a way that allow readers to envision how they will fit into organizations and be successful in leadership roles. A variety of tools are used to guide the reader through the self discovery process, including chapter opening self-assessment tests, chapter opening and closing case studies and the Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library.
1. What Is Organizational Behavior?

2. Personality, Ability, and Learning

3. Perception

4. Values and Attitudes

5. Motivation

6. Stress

7. Turning People into Team Players

8. Group Behavior

9. Leadership

10. Decision Making

11. Communication

12. Conflict

13. Negotiation

14. Typical Structures

15. What Do People in Different Jobs Do?

16. Human Resources 1: The Hiring Process

17. Human Resources 2: Company Policy

18. Organizational Culture

19. Motivation in Organizations

20. Organizational Change

21. Power and Politics

22. Effort and Ethics

23. Succeeding in an Organization