Human Blood Groups (2nd Ed.)
Chemical and Biochemical Basis of Antigen Specificity


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This monograph covers the entire field of blood group serology, with its main emphasis on the chemical and biochemical basis of blood group specificity. Full consideration is given to molecular biology investigations, in particular to studies on the structure of blood group genes and the molecular biological basis of alleles and rare blood group variants, whereby relevant literature up to the year 2000 is covered. The text is supplemented by numerous illustrations and tables, and detailed reference lists.
INHALT LANG: Introduction Glycoconjugates Glycolipids; Glycoproteins Biosynthesis of Glycoconjugates Biosynthesis of Glycoproteins; Biosynthesis of Glycosphingoliopids; Regulation of Chain Structure Erythrocyte Membrane Constituents of the Erythrocyte Membrane; Molecular Architecture of the Erythrocyte Membrane; Architecture of the Membranes of Nucleated Cells ABO(H) System Genetics; Antisera and Lectins; Blood Group ABH Substances; Biosynthesis of ABH Antigens and its Genetic Regulation; ABH Subgroups and Variants Lewis System and the Antigens Lex and Ley Genetics; Antisera and Lectins; Blood Group Lewis Substances; Biosynthesis of Blood Group Lewis Determinants; Antigens Lex and Ley Antigens I and i Antisera; Blood Group I and i Determinants; Blood Group I and i Substances; Expression of I and i Activity During Embryonic Development and under Various Pathological Conditions; Biosynthesis of I and i Determinant Structures P System Antisera and Lectins; Blood Group P Substances; Biosynthesis of the Blood Group P Antigens MNS System Genetics; Antisera and Lectins; Blood Group MNS Substances; Structure and Organisation of the MNS Gene Complex; Chemical Structures of the Main Determinants of the MNS System; Rare Variants of the MNS Antigens; MNS-Deficient Phenotypes, and Antigens Associated with MNS System Polyagglutination Antisera and Lectins; T Antigen; Tk Antigen; Th Antigen; Tx Antigen; Tn Antigen; VA and NOR Sid and Cad Antisera and Lectins; Sda Active Substances; Cad Active Substances; Investigations on the Biosynthesis of Sda and Cad Determinants Slalic Acid-Containing Receptors for Cold Agglutinins Antisera; Structures of Antigenic Determinants; Occurrence of Pr, Gd, and Sa Antigens on Other Cell Types; Other Receptors for Cold Agglutinins Rh System Genetics; Rh Antisera, Chemical Properties of Rh Antigens; Number of Rh Proteins; Molecular Biological Investigations; Rh Antigens and Phenotypes Landsteiner-Wiener System Chido / Rodgers System Duffy System Kell System Antibodies; Kell-Deficient Phenotypes; Kell Glycoprotein; Kell Alleles; Kx Antigen Gerbich System Glycophorin C and Glycophorin D; The Antigen Characters Ge1, Ge2, Ge3, and Ge4, and the Lsa Determinant; Wb (Webb); Dha (Duch); Ana (Ahonen) Lutheran System Diego System Antibodies; The Antigens of the Diego System Cromer System Dombrock System Yt System Indian System Knops System Kidd System Xg System Colton System OK System JMH Antigen Antigens of the Major Histocompatibilitiy Complex (HLA Antigens) Genetics; HLA Antisera; HLA Gene Products HEMPAS Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Family
Second, completely revised edition
Concise survey for use by blood bankers and researchers
Numerous illustrations and tables
Detailed reference lists