Interpretation of landforms from topographic maps and air photographs


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The intent is to develop the users ability to interpret the landforms on any map or aerial photo. KEY TOPICS: Assuming that the user has a basic understanding of topographic maps, aerial photographs, map symbols, contour lines, topographic profiles, and geologic cross-sections, questions are posed to foster a mental process in problem solving. Includes topographic maps that show the contour interval in feet as well as an appendix (Appendix A) of map name, location, scale, and contour interval for each exercise. MARKET: Geologists, geology students and teachers focusing on Geomorphology.
Preface. Introduction. 1. Topographic Maps - Review. 2. Topographic Maps - Contour Sketching. 3. Weathering. 4. Mass Wasting. 5. Fluvial Processes. 6. Fluvial Landforms. 7. Groundwater. 8. no exercises for this chapter. 9. Topographic Expression of Folded Strata. 10. Topographic Expression of Joints and Faults. 11. Landforms Developed on Igneous Rocks. 12. Glacial Processes. 13. Glacial Landforms. 14. Pleistocene Climatic Changes and the Ice Ages. 15. Shorelines. 16. Eolian Processes and Landforms. 17. Dating Geomorphic Features. Appendix: List of Quadrangles.