Introduction to fiber optics


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174 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
Designed specifically to meet the needs of students in technology/technician programs, this introduction to fiber optics offers a less-theoretical/mathematical and more applied, algebra-based approach to the subject.
1. An Introduction to Optical Fiber
2. The Physics of Light
3. Light Propagation
4. Types of Optical Fiber and Their Properties
5. Light Sources for Optical Fibers
6. Optical Detectors
7. Splices, Connectors, Cables and other Components
8. Fundamentals of Communications
9. Communications Applications for Optical Fiber
10. Optical Fiber Measurement and Testing
Appendix A: Safety
Appendix B: Useful Constants and Data
  • Covers all major areas of fiber optics.
  • Uses an algebra-based approach and leaves out much of the high-level mathematics.
    - However, presents a sufficient amount of theory and mathematics to explain the topics and prepare students for further exploration, if desired.
  • Provides an abundance of practical examples.
  • Contains a chapter on measurements and testing equipment.
  • Offers flexibility in coverage - allowing some sections to be omitted by those students who are studying them in more depth in other courses.