Introduction to fire prevention


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Introduction to Fire Prevention 7/e offers a range of information on fire prevention history, education, organization, practices, and research.The model curriculum of the Fire Emergency Service Higher Education (FESHE) group served as a basis for this important James C. Robertson, principal of the Atlantic Systems Guild, provides information on arson suppression, fire safety education, along with updated information on code enforcement. With a focus on both the public and organizational responsibilities for fire safety and prevention, this book serves as an introductory tool for all firefighters who seek both the fundamentals and latest information on fire prevention practices and procedures.

Chapter 1: History and Philosophy of Fire Prevention

Chapter 2: Status of Education, Engineering and Enforcement in the United States

Chapter 3: Public Fire and Life Safety Education Programs

Chapter 4: Enforcing Fire Safety Compliance

Chapter 5: Fire Safety Inspection Procedures

Chapter 6: Preparing Fire Service Personnel for Fire Prevention Duties

Chapter 7: Organization and Administration of Municipal Fire Prevention Units

Chapter 8: Instilling Positive Fire Reaction

Chapter 9: Fire Prevention Efforts of the Private Sector

Chapter 10: Fire Prevention Responsibilities of the Public Sector

Chapter 11: Fire Prevention Through Arson Suppression

Chapter 12: International Practices in Fire Prevention

Chapter 13: Fire Prevention Research

Chapter 14: Proving Fire Prevention Works