Introduction to manufacturing processes 3rd ed 2000


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This text covers the physical principles and the applications of these principles to manufacturing processes. It also emphasizes the interactions between process and design.
1 Introduction to Manufacturing 2 Manufacturing 3 Geometric Attributes of Manufactured Products 4 Service Attributes of Manufactured Products 5 Materials in Design and Manufacturing 6 Solidification and Heat Treatment of Metals 7 Metal Casting 8 Plastic Deformation of Metals 9 Bulk Deformation Processes 10 Sheet-Metalworking Processes 11 Powder-Metallurgy 12 Processing of Ceramics 13 Polymers and Plastics 14 Processing of Plastics 15 Composites 16 Machining 17 Nontraditional Machining Processes 18 Joining Processes 19 Surface Treatments 20 Manufacture of Semiconductor Devices 21 Manufacturing Systems 22 Competitive Aspects of Manufacturing Processes