Introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis


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Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis will introduce the key concepts of nonlinear finite element analysis procedures. The book will explain the fundamental theories of the field, and provide instructions on how to apply the concepts to solving practical engineering problems. Instead of covering many nonlinear problems, only four representative problems are addressed: nonlinear elasticity, elastoplasticity, contact problem, and dynamic problem. The book is written independent of any particular software, but tutorials and examples using four commercial programs are included as appendices: ANSYS, NASTRAN, ABAQUS, and MATLAB. In particular, the MATLAB program will include all source codes so that students can develop their own material models, or different algorithms.
Variational Methods of Structural Systems.- Variational Equations and Finite Element Methods.- Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Procedure.- Finite Element Analysis for Nonlinear Elastic Problems.- Finite Element Analysis for Elastoplastic Problems.- Finite Element Analysis for Contact Problems.- Nonlinear Dynamic Problems.

Presents clear explanations of nonlinear finite element analysis for elasticity, elastoplasticity, and contact problems

Includes many informative examples of nonlinear analyses so that students can clearly understand the nonlinear theory

Offers practical applications of FEM to engineering analysis, providing a balance between theory and practice