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Introduction to the Presidency provides a comprehensive analysis of the concepts and structures, history and politics of presidential leadership using a unique seven laws of presidential leadership approach that facilitates learning retention by synthesizing scholarship on the presidency and presidential leadership. The book assesses the important impact of morality and moral issues on presidential leadership and includes a comprehensive topical bibliography. KEY TOPICS: The author examines the seven laws of the presidency: the law of history, the law of rhetoric, the law of theory, the law of culture, law of character, the law of politics and the law of management. MARKET: For those interested in a unique comprehensive look at the American presidency.

1 The Law of History: The Irony of Power and Promise

Introduction to the Law of History

Constitutional Creation

Defining Moments and Turning Points

The Paradox of Presidential Power


2 The Law of Rhetoric: The Stagecraft of Presidential Leadership

Introduction to the Law of Rhetoric

Eras of Rhetorical Change

Rhetorical Currency

Rhetorical Strategy


3 The Law of Theory: The Paradoxes of Presidential Leadership

Introduction to the Law of Theory

Presidential Power

The Exceptional Person

History and Culture

The Paradoxes


4 The Law of Culture: Unanticipated Consequences

Introduction to the Law of Culture

Substance and Style


Presidential Debates


Public Opinion Polls

Impact on Presidential Leadership


5 The Law of Morality: Kaleidoscopic Uncertainty

Introduction to the Law of Morality

Moral Issues in the Modern Presidency

Types of Moral Issues

Perspectives on Presidential Morality

Presidential Morality Historically Examined

Presidential Morality and the Moral Kaleidoscope


6 The Law of Politics: Steadiness and Strategic Thinking

Introduction to the Law of Politics

Personal and Political Backgrounds

Public Policy Stability

Presidential Campaigns

Presidential Elections

Administrative Strategies


7 The Law of Management: Indirection

Introduction to the Law of Management

Managerial or Political President?

Managing the Executive Branch

Organizational Models

Promotion of Ideas and Vision

Influencing the Congress

Influencing the Courts




Topical Bibliography

Personal History of Presidents

Presidential Election Results: 1789 2004

Religious Affiliations of Presidents

Constitution of the United States