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A guide to Islamic investment opportunities from the CEO of the world′s leading Islamic finance bank Offering an insider′s perspective on a rapidly growing sector of the financial industry, Investing in Islamic Funds details the basic principles of Islamic investing for Muslims and non–Muslims alike. It explains how Islamic equity and fixed–income products differ from traditional funds, and how they deliver excellent results while still conforming to Sharia principles. Using hard data from the last six years, the book also reveals how Islamic funds have offered predictable, reliable returns in volatile markets and turbulent financial times. For institutional investors as well as sophisticated individual investors, the book serves as an excellent introduction to the subject and surveys the full range of products available. Additionally, the book will arm financial services professionals with the knowledge they need to explain this new investment opportunity to clients. One of the few books available that offers comprehensive data on the performance of Islamic funds in addition to the underlying theory that governs them Written by the CEO of CIMB–Principal Islamic Asset Management, the world′s leading Islamic finance bank Features charts, case studies, comparative analysis, and a tabular data format Debunks the misconceptions traditional investors may have about the profitability Islamic funds For professional and institutional investors, as well as private investors looking for new opportunities, Investing in Islamic Funds offers a much–needed primer on this fast–growing market.
List of Tables and Charts xvii Foreword xxi by Larry Zimpleman Preface xxv by Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar Preface xxix by Mohammad Faiz Azmi Acknowledgments xxxi Introduction 1 CHAPTER 1 The Growth of Shariah Investments: Preparing the Next Generation 13 Introduction 15 The Global Islamic Funds Industry: Where Is It Now? 16 Global Product Innovation of Islamic Investment Products 21 Prognosis for Islamic Financial Markets: Where Are They Going? 23 Conclusion 27 Notes 28 Helpful Hints 29 CHAPTER 2 Fund Management within Shariah–Compliant Investment Guidelines: Is There More Reward? 31 Introduction 33 The Application of Islamic Ethics to Asset Management 35 Benefits of Shariah vis–à–vis Conventional Investing 38 Conclusion 44 Notes 44 Helpful Hints 46 CHAPTER 3 Uncovering the Driving Principles of Islamic Finance: A Journey to Accumulate Wealth Responsibly 47 Introduction 49 The Five Basic Principles of Islamic Finance 50 Conclusion 59 Notes 60 Helpful Hints 62 CHAPTER 4 Investing Responsibly: The Search for Similar Benefits for Ethical and Shariah Forms of Investing 63 Introduction 65 Screening Criteria 68 Screening Process for Ethical Form of Investing 72 Socially Responsible Investment versus Shariah–Compliant Investment 74 A Similar Approach to Your Investment? 77 Availability of Choice for Investors 79 Broader Portfolio Diversification 80 Conclusion 81 Notes 82 Helpful Hints 83 Appendix: Ethical Investment Screening Based on Negative Screening 85 CHAPTER 5 Broad Choices of Islamic Investment Funds: Can They Become Mainstream? 89 Introduction 91 Equity Funds 93 Sukuk Funds 94 Exchange–Traded Funds (ETFs) 95 Money Market Funds 96 Alternative Funds 97 Real Estate Investment Trust Funds (REITs) 97 Private Equity Funds 98 Hedge Funds 99 Lease Funds 100 Conclusion 101 Notes 102 Helpful Hints 104 CHAPTER 6 Mitigating the Myths: The Benefits of Islamic Funds for the Broader Investor Base 105 Introduction 107 Islamic Principles Come with Built–in Financial Ethics 108 The Myths of Shariah Investing 109 Benefits of Shariah Investing 116 Conclusion 119 Notes 120 Helpful Hints 122 CHAPTER 7 Comparative Analysis with Conventional Investing: Shariah–Compliant Investing is Resilient, while Conventional Investing Has to Recover from Financial Crisis 125 Introduction 127 Islamic Indices Outperformed Conventional Indices 128 Qualitative Comparison of Islamic Index Screening Processes 129 Performance Analysis of Three Dow Jones Shariah Indices and Their Counterparts 131 Value–Added Optimization for Shariah Performance 139 Conclusion 140 Notes 140 Helpful Hints 142 CHAPTER 8 Using Performance Characteristics to Build Wealth: Empirical Evidence, Proven and Tested 143 Introduction 145 The Impact of Black Swan Events 146 Why Shariah Investing Is Resilient 147 Conclusion 152 Notes 152 Helpful Hints 154 CHAPTER 9 The Sukuk Portfolio: A Broader Investment Universe for Mainstream Investors 155 Introduction 157 Emergence of Different Sukuk Structures 158 Examining Sukuk Investment Results 161 Case Study: Sukuk Investing as a Diversification Strategy 166 Conclusion 167 Notes 168 Helpful Hints 170 CHAPTER 10 Shariah–Compliant UCITS Funds: Satisfying the Appetite of International Investors 173 Introduction 175 Solution at Your Doorstep 176 Providing Ease of Transaction to International Investors 177 Bringing Shariah Investment to a Global Audience 178 Notes 181 Helpful Hints 183 CHAPTER 11 Legal, Regulatory, Risk, and Operational Framework: Building Investors’ Confidence 185 Introduction 187 The Islamic Financial Institutions’ Regulatory Framework 188 Country Examples 192 Conclusion 198 Notes 199 Helpful Hints 200 Epilogue 203 About the Author 205 About the Contributors 207 Glossary to the Quotations 209 Glossary of Islamic Finance 215 Global Islamic Finance Education Centers 235 Global Islamic Finance Conferences/Summits/Seminars 239 Islamic Investment and Finance Readings: Guide to Research Materials 243 Recommended Reading 245 Index 249