Jung and educational theory (series: educational philosophy and theory special issues) (paperback)
Educational Philosophy and Theory Special Issues Series

Coordinator: Semetsky Inna

Language: Anglais
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Taking as its starting point the approaches to education found in the writing of Carl Jung, Jung and Educational Theory explores the psychologist's impact on education today. Through the contributions of academics and practitioners of educational philosophy, the book demonstrates the educational value of Jung's psychology as a complement to its more widely understood therapeutic value.

Emphasizing Jung's unifying approach to human sciences the book provides the first systematic investigation of his legacy in analytical psychology for educational philosophy and theory. Jung's focus on the process of individuation grounded in universal human experiences will have long-lasting implications in both the theoretical field and pedagogical practice.

Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Jung and Holistic Education (INNA SEMETSKY)

1. Jung and the Soul Of Education (at the 'Crunch') (SUSAN ROWLAND)

2. On the 'Art and Science' of Personal Transformation: Some Critical Reflections (RAYA A. JONES)

3. The Polytheistic Classroom (BERNIE NEVILLE)

4. Itinerary of the Knower: Mapping the Ways of Gnosis, Sophia, and Imaginative Education (ANTONINA LUKENCHUK)

5. The Unifying Function of Affect: Founding a Theory of Psychocultural Development in the Epistemology of John Dewey and Carl Jung (PETER T. DUNLAP)

6. Deleuze's Philosophy and Jung's Psychology: Learning and the Unconscious (INNA SEMETSKY and JOSHUA RAMEY)

7. 'The Other Half' of Education: Unconscious Education of Children (SHIHO MAIN)

8. Complex Education: Depth Psychology as a Mode of Ethical Pedagogy (ROBERT ROMANYSHYN)

9. Jung and Tarot: A Theory-practice Nexus in Education and Counselling (INNA SEMETSKY)