Language learner strategies: 30 years of research and practice
Oxford Applied Linguistics Series

Coordinators: Cohen Andrew, Macaro Ernesto

Language: Anglais
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Research into language learner strategies has the fundamental goal of improving the teaching and learning of second languages. This book explores the notion that the reason some learners of second languages excel and others struggle lies in what the learners themselves do-the strategies they bring to language learning and to language use. Name of series: Oxford Applied Linguistics
Part 1: Issues, Theories and Frameworks. Ch. 1 - Mike Grenfell and Ernesto Macaro. Claims and Critiques. Ch. 2 - Andrew D. Cohen. Coming to Terms with Language Learner Strategies: Surveying the Experts. Ch. 3 - Rebecca L. Oxford and Karen Schramm. Bridging the Gap between Psychological and Sociocultural Perspectives on L2 Learner Strategies. Ch. 4 - Osamu Takeuchi, Carol Griffiths, and Do Coyle. Applying Strategies to Contexts: The Role of Individual and Group Differences in Strategy Research. Ch. 5 - Cynthia White, Karen Schramm, and Anna Uhl Chamot. Research Methods in Language Learner Strategies: Re-examining the tool box. Ch. 6 - Rebecca L. Oxford and Kyoung Rang Lee with Gloria Park. L2 Grammar Strategies: The Second Cinderella and Beyond. Ch. 7 - Joan Rubin, Anna Uhl Chamot, Vee Harris, aamp, Neil J. Anderson. Intervening in the Use of Strategies. a#160,. Part 2: Reviewing 30 Years of Empirical LLS Research. Ch. 8 - Ernesto Macaro, Suzanne Graham, aamp, Robert Vanderplank. A Review of Listening Strategies: Focus on sources of knowledge and on success. Ch. 9 - Lynn Erler aamp, Claudia Finkbeiner. A Review of Reading Strategies: Focus on the impact of first language. Ch. 10 - Yasuo Nakatani aamp, Christine Goh. A Review of Oral Communication Strategies: Focus on interactionist and psycholinguistic perspectives. Ch. 11 - Rosa M. Mancha#243,n, Julio Roca de Larios, aamp, Liz Murphy. Second and Foreign Language Writing Strategies: Focus on conceptualizations and impact of first language. Ch. 12 - Martha Nyikos aamp, May Fan. A Review of Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies: Focus on language proficiency and learner's voice. a#160,. Concluding chapter - Cohen aamp, Macaro. LLS and the Future: Resolving the issues.