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Brad DeLong's Macroeconomics offers a new approach to the subject. Drawing upon his vast experience teaching, researching, and advising the U.S. government on Economy policy has enabled him to write an intermediate macroeconomics book that will set the standard for books in this area for years to come. For example, DeLong focuses on the interest rate rather than the AS/AD diagram and he includes expanded coverage of the crucial topic of long-run growth. His lively text is modern, provides extensive insight into economic policy, incorporates a strong international perspective, and offers a broad historical perspective.

Part 1:Preliminaries 1 Introduction to Macroeconomics 2 Measuring the Macroeconomy 3 Thinking Like an Economist
Part 2:Long-Run Economic Growth 4 The Theory of Economic Growth 5 The Reality of Economic Growth: History and Prospect
Part 3:Flexible-Price Macroeconomics 6 The Flexible-Price Framework: Building Blocks 7 The Flexible-Price Framework: Equilibrium 8 Money, Prices, and Inflation
Part 4:Sticky-Price Macroeconomics 9 The Income-Expenditure Framework: Consumption and the Multiplier 10 Investment, Net Exports, and Interest Rates 11 The Money Stock, Aggregate Demand, and Aggregate Supply 12 The Phillips Curve and Expectations
Part 5:Macroeconomic Policy 13 Stabilization Policy 14 The Budget Balance, the National Debt, and Investment 15 International Economic Policy 16 Changes in the Macroeconomy and Changes in Macroeconomic Policy 17 The Future of Macroeconomics Epilogue