Management of brain injured children


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Epidemiology: The causes of brain injury in children, Resuscitation and acute treatment of brain injuries (traumatic and atraumatic), The rehabilitation process: The `team' or multidisciplinary approach, Immediate medical and nursing needs, Physical difficulties, Feeding difficulties, Speech and language difficulties, Cognitive and educational difficulties, Behavioural and emotional difficulties, Community liaison, The impact of brain injury on the family, The prevention of brain injuries, A parent's point of view
Management of Brain-Injured Children describes the epidemiology, assessment, and management of traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries in children. Throughout, the emphasis is upon providing a multidisciplinary and integrated 'team' approach to understanding these problems. This is a comprehensive and easily accessible guide for specialists who regularly or occasionally deal with children suffering from head injuries. Readership : Paediatricians, nursing staff, therapists, psychologists, social workers, play staff, hospital school teaching staff, special school teaching staff.