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Mastering Medisoft was created specifically to helpusers learn the art of medical billing through the use of Medisoft. Since Medisoft is used in more clinics than any other software, it is the most likely software ahealthcare professionalwill encounter when entering the work field. Therefore, it is imperative that the user have a solid understanding of the functions of this powerful program. This book is designed to allow the reader to first master the 'must know' tasks such as patient, charge, and payment entry, and then move on to the less frequently-used, but 'good to know' features such as setting up a new practice. The goal of thisbook is to create sought-after, dependableprofesionals with a working knowledge of Medisoft who health care providers want to hire. Thisbook provides the foundationusers need to feel confident that they can enter the work environment able to perform the essential tasks of their job with little or no additional training.

Flom/Mastering Medisoft

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Medisoft Daily Tasks, Patient Charts and Appointments


Overview of the Daily Medisoft Tasks and Office Procedures

Scheduling Appointments and Developing Superbills

Practice Exercise 1-1: Scheduling Patients

Practice Exercise 1-2: Print a Schedule for Each Doctor

Entering Patient Charges and Payments

Processing Mail Denials and Payments

Proofing Daily Work

Submitting Insurance Claims

Backing-up Medisoft

Practice Exercise 1-3: Backing up Medisoft

Other Tasks Within a Medical Office

Verify Eligibility of Insurance Coverage

Review Proper Coding and Billing Procedures

Review of Contract Payments

Medisoft Patient Charges and Appointment Entry

Practice Exercise 1-4: Entering Appointments and Patient Charts

Medisoft Short Cuts and Hot Keys

Medisoft Support

Help within Medisoft

Practice Exercise 1-5: Accessing Help Within Medisoft

Linking the Patient Information to the CMS-1500 Form

Scheduling Breaks

Practice Exercise 1-6: Entering Breaks

Moving, Editing, and Deleting

Practice Exercise 1-7: Moving, Editing, and Deleting

Printing Schedules and Superbills

Practice Exercise 1-8: Printing the Schedule

Practice Exercise 1-9: Printing the Superbills

Chapter Review


Chapter 2: Patient Information


Overview of the Case Information

Creating a Case

Practice Exercise 2.1: Creating a New Case

Practice Exercise 2.2: Determining the Version of Medisoft on Your Computer

Practice Exercise 2.3: Creating a Case for Jane N. Jordan

Practice Exercise 2.4: Chapter Application: Creating a New Case for William Jon Johnson

Copy Case Feature

Practice Exercise 2.5: Copying a Case

Creating Custom Patient and Case Data

Practice Exercise 2-6: Creating Custom Patient Data

Three Forms of Help in Medisoft

Medisoft Manual

Help within Medisoft

Knowledge Base

Practice Exercise 2-7: Using the Knowledge Base

Signatures and Assignments

Chapter Review


Chapter 3: Transaction Entry


Overview of Transaction Entry

The Components of a Charge

Practice Exercise 3-1: Adding a Charge

The Components of a Payment

Practice Exercise 3-2: Posting a Payment

The Components of an Adjustment

Practice Exercise 3-3: Posting an Adjustment

The Components of a Comment

Practice Exercise 3-4: Adding Notes and Comments

Modifying the Grid Columns

Practice Exercise 3-5: Modifying Grid Columns

Defining Coding Systems

CPT and HCPCS Codes