Mechanics of materials (2nd ed)


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1. Abbreviations and Symbols.

2. Stress Axial Loads.

3. Strain Hooke's Law Axial Load Structural

4. Torsion.

5. Axial Force Shear and Bending Moment.

6. Pure Bending of Beams.

7. Shearing Stresses in Beams.

8. Compound Stresses.

9. Analysis of Plane Stress and Strain.

10. Transformation of Moments of Inertia of Areas to Different Axes.

11. Combined Stresses Pressure Vessels Failure Theories.

12. Design of Members by Strength Criteria.

13. Deflection of Beams.

14. Statically Indeterminate Problems.

15. Columns.

16. Structural Connections.

17. The Energy Methods.

18. Thick-Walled Cylinders.