Metallobiochemistry, Part D: Physical and Spectroscopic Methods for Probing Metal Ion Environments in Metalloproteins
Methods in Enzymology Series, Vol. 227

Editors-in-Chief: Abelson John N., Simon Melvin I.

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This volume of Methods in Enzymology and its companion Volume 226 present spectroscopic and physical methods for the determination of metal ion environments in metalloproteins and metalloenzymes.
A.V. Xavier and D.L. Turner, Two-Dimensional NMR of Paramagnetic Metalloproteins.
J.E. Coleman, 113Cd NMR Applied to Metalloproteins.
C.F.G.C. Geraldes, Lanthanide Shift Reagents.
D.E. Mota de Freitas, Alkali Metal NMR.
S. Foren, C. Johansson, and S. Linse, Calcium NMR.
H. Thomann and M. Bernardo, Pulsed Electron Nuclear Multiple Resonance Spectroscopic Methods for Metalloprotein and Metalloenzymes.
P. Aisen and C. Bender, Continuous Wave Endor Spectroscopy.
N.D. Chasteen, Vanadyl (IV) ENDOR/ESEEM Spin Probes.
G.W. Canters, C.W. Hilbers, M. van de Kamp, and S.S. Wijmenga, Multidimensional NMR Methods to Probe Metal Environments in Proteins.
A.J. Hoff, Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Triplet States in Proteins.
J.R. Pilbrow and G.R. Hanson, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance.
R. Cammack and C.E. Cooper, EPR Spectroscopy of Iron Complexes and Iron-Containing Proteins.
B.J. Hales, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Paramagnets as Probes of Metal Clusters.
M.T. Stankovich, K.E. Paulsen, and A.M. Orville, EPR-Spectroelectrochemical Titration
C. Batzlaff, A.X. Trautwein, and H. Winkler, Magnetic Susceptiblity.
E.P. Day, Multifield Saturation Magnetization of Metalloproteins.
E. Munck, K.K. Surerus, and M.P. Hendrich, Combining Missbauer Spectroscopy with Integer Spin EPR.
F.A. Armstrong, J.N. Butt, and A. Sucheta, Voltammetric Studies of Redox-Active Centers in Metalloproteins Adsorbed on Electrodes.
H.A.O. Hill and N.I. Hunt, Direct and Indirect Electrochemical Investigations of Metalloenzymes.
A.G. Sykes and G.A. Salmon, Pulse Radiolysis.
M. Thellier, C. Ripoll, C. Quintana, F. Sommer, P. Chevalier, and J. Dainty, Physical Methods to Locate Metal Atoms in Biological Systems.
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Biochemists, Molecular and Cell Biologists, Enzymologists, Physical Chemists, Biophysicists, Analytical Chemists, Immunologists