Modern matrix algebra


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This book presents the basic ideas of matrix and linear algebra in such a way that users from diverse backgrounds who have had some exposure to calculus will understand, by utilizing both algebraic and geometric reasoning. A spiral approach gradually introduces the abstract foundations of the topics involved linear combination, closure, subspaces, linear independence/dependence, and bases. Opportunities for a variety of applications, and the optional use of MATLAB, provide hands-on explorations of computations and concepts. KEY TOPICS: Chapter topics include matrices, linear systems and their solutions, Eigen information, vector spaces, inner product spaces, and linear transformations. For individuals who want to learn abstract concepts and deal with a wide variety of applications that can be drawn from fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, economics, engineering, computer science, psychology, and sociology.
List of Applications.
1. Matrices and Matrix Algebra.
2. Linear Systems and their Solution.
3. The Determinant, a Geometric Approach.
4. Eigen Information.
5. Vector Spaces.
6. Inner Product Spaces.
7. Linear Transformations.
Appendix I: Complex Numbers.
Appendix II: Summation Numbers.
Answers/Solutions to selected exercises.
  • Thorough integration of geometric foundations.
  • Early introduction of matrix transformations.
  • A blend of over 1120 conceptual and numerical exercises Many with multiple parts.
  • Practical illustration of linear combinations.
  • Coverage of wavelets.
  • Optional MATLAB tools.
  • Chapter-end terminology and concepts review.
  • Full solutions to selected exercises.
  • True/False reviews and chapter self-test.