Nitrogen in the Environment (2nd Ed.)

Coordinators: Hatfield J.L., Follett R.F.

Language: Anglais
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Nitrogen is one of the most critical elements for all life forms. In agricultural systems it is essential for the production of crops for feed, food, and fiber. The ever-increasing world population requires increasing use of nitrogen in agriculture to supply human needs for dietary protein. Worldwide demand for nitrogen will increase as a direct response to increasing population.

Nitrogen in the Environment provides a wholistic perspective and comprehensive treatment of nitrogen. The scope of this book is diverse covering a range of topics and issues related to furthering our understanding of nitrogen in the environment at farm and national levels. Issues of nitrogen from its effects on crops and human nutrition to nitrogen in ground water, watersheds, streams, rivers, and coastal marine environments are discussed to provide a broad view of the problem and support scientists, researchers, and engineers in formulating comprehensive solutions.

* The only source which presents an international, wholistic perspective of the effects of nitrogen in the environment with worldwide mitigation practices

* Provides details on how to improve the quality of the environment by analyzing the development of emerging technologies

* Develops strategies to be used by soil scientists, agronomists, hydrologists, and geophysicists for broad scale improvement of nitrogen efficiency
All chapters are revised from previous edition
** denotes new chapter

The Nitrogen cycle, historical perspective, and current and potential future concerns.

Nitrogen transformation and transport processes

Importance and effect of nitrogen on crop quality and health

Utilization and metabolism of nitrogen by humans

**Nitrogen Management in Field Crops of the Southern Cone of Latin America

Nitrate losses to surface water through subsurface, tile drainage

Nitrogen in groundwater associated with agricultural systems

The importance and role of watersheds in the transport of nitrogen

**Nitrogen transport and fate in European streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands

Nitrogen effects on Coastal Marine ecosystems

**Sources, Dispersion and Fate of Atmospheric Ammonia

**Gaseous nitrogen emissions from livestock farming systems

Exchange of gaseous nitrogen compounds between terrestrial systems and the atmosphere

The impacts of nitrogen deposition on forest ecosystems

**On-farm technologies and practices to improve nitrogen use efficiency

Developing software for livestock manure and nutrient management

**Field techniques for modeling nitrogen management

Simulated effects of land use, soil texture, and precipitation on N gas emissions using DAYCENT

Remediation of drinking water for rural populations

Remediation at the water treatment plant

Nitrogen management by producers: A multiple scale perspective

**New Policy directions
Soil scientists, agricultural researchers and engineers, environmental researchers, geologists, atmospheric scientists and meteorologists; Educators, policy-makers and researcher who need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sources, problems and management of nitrogen in the environment for the impelementation of environmentally friendly policies and procedures.