Nursing concepts in health and illness


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Developed in collaboration with the North Carolina Concept-based Learning Editorial Board (N.C.C.L.E.B.), this two-volume book synthesizes the entire nursing curriculum. It covers topics from culture family fluids & electrolytes health, illness, and wellness and much more! It is organized by concepts linked around three domains, Individual, Nursing, and Healthcare. Within each concept, several exemplars are presented that best demonstrate the concept, based on national guidelines and standards. The Alterations and Treatments feature helps readers identify commonly occuring alterations and realted features. There are also assessment interviews included which show readers how to ask the questions in their first clinical encounters.

INTRODUCTION Introduction to Concept-Based Learning

CONCEPT 1 Cognition

About Cognition


CONCEPT 2 Culture

About Culture


Values, Beliefs


CONCEPT 3 Development

About Development

CONCEPT 4 Elimination

About Elimination

Bladder: Incontinence & Retention

Bowel: Incontinence, Constipation, & Impaction

CONCEPT 5 Family

About Family

Family Dynamics

Family Structure & Roles

Family Response to Health Promotion

Family Response to Health Alterations

CONCEPT 6 Fluids & Electrolytes

About Fluids & Electrolytes

Basic Fluid Balance

Basic Electrolyte Balance

CONCEPT 7 Health, Wellness, Illness

About Health, Wellness, Illness


Adjustment to Health & Illness


Life Style Choices

Wellness/Illness Continuum

Health Beliefs

Hospitalized Individual

Physical Fitness/Exercise

Oral Health

Nutrition Screening

Normal Sleep/Rest Patterns

Consumer Education

Alternative Therapies

CONCEPT 8 Infection

About Infection

Nosocomial Infection




CONCEPT 9 Inflammation

About Inflammation

CONCEPT 10 Oxygenation

About Oxygenation

CONCEPT 11 Sensory Perception

About Sensory Perception

Hearing Impairment

CONCEPT 12 Spirituality

About Spirituality

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Well-Being



Higher Consciousness


Spiritual Distress

CONCEPT 13 Tissue Integrity

About Tissue Integrity

Contact Dermatitis

Pressure Ulcers

Wound Healing

CONCEPT 14 Thermoregulation

About Thermoregulation