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2070 p. · 23x28.5 cm · Hardback
'The Oxford Textbook of Public Health', fourth edition, provides both a compendium of the basic scope, methodologies and practice of public health and the perspective of experts and leaders in the field on the major issues facing public health at the start of the 21st century, and strategies to resolve them.
Contents List - Page 1, (for full listing see attached contents list), Section 2 Determinants of health and disease, Section 3 Public Health Policies, Section 4 Law, ethics and challenges, Volume 2 The methods of Public Health, Section 1 Information systems and sources of intelligence, Section 2 Epidemiological and biostatistical approaches, Section 3 Social Science techniques, Section 4 Environmental and occupational health sciences, Volume 3, Section 2 Prevention and control of public health hazards, Section 3 Intervention for special populations, Section 4 Public health functions
  • The only three volume reference text for public health professionals
  • Expanded Scope now includes issues also relevant to developing countries
  • Underscores the dynamic field of public health
  • Completely updated