P-450 and Chemical Carcinogenesis, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1985

Coordinator: Tagashira Yusaku

Language: Anglais
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This book is one of a GANN Monograph on Cancer Research series and is based on a Japanese Cancer Association-sponsored symposium entitled "Multiplicity of Chemical Carcinogen-Activating Enzymes· with Particular Emphasis on Cytochrome P-450" which was held in Tokyo on November 21, 1983. The principal role of microsomal cytochrome P-450 in the metabolic activation of various chemical carcinogens in animal cells has been well established. The activated chemical carcinogens induce mutations of the cells, which is an essential part of the initiation of chemical carcinogenesis. Since microsomal cytochrome P-450 in various animal tissues includes multiple molecular species with different substrate specificities and different responses to chemical inducers, knowledge of the molecular and catalytic properties and the inducibilities of those cytochrome P-450 forms is surely a most important base from which to elucidate the mechanism of chemical carcinogenesis. The focus of the symposium was this area of molecular diversity and inducibility of microsomal cytochrome P-450 in animal tissues. The mechanism of activation of various types of chemical carcinogens by cytochrome P-450 and related enzymes was another main topic. The editors, who were also the symposium organizers, hope these summaries of current research in this field in Japan will stimulate future development of studies on the mechanism of chemical carcinogenesis.
I. Molecular Multiplicity of Cytochrome P-450.- Physicochemical Properties of Multiple Forms of Cytochrome P-450: A Proposal for the Ligand Structure.- Characteristics of Purified Cytochrome P-450s in Microsomes of Rat Lung and Morris Hepatoma 5123D.- Localization of Cytochrome P-450 in Rat Liver Nuclei: Its Possible Significance in the Chemical Carcinogenesis.- Microsomal Cytochrome P-450 in Higher Plants.- II. Activation of Carcinogenic Compounds by Cytochrome P-450.- Metabolic Activation of Chemical Carcinogens by Two Molecular Species of Cytochrome P-450.- Activation of Carcinogenic Compounds by Purified Cytochrome P-450 in Reconstituted Systems.- Mechanism of Metabolic Activation of Carcinogenic Aromatic Amines.- Mechanism of Metabolic Activation of Aflatoxin B1.- Metabolic Activation of 7,12-Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene and 7-Methylbenz[a] anthracene via Hydroxymethyl Sulfate Esters by P-450-sulfotransferase.- III. Induction and Genetics of Cytochrome P-450.- Induction of Microsomal Cytochrome P-450 in Rat Liver by Chemical Com­pounds.- Molecular Multiplicity and Gene Structure of Microsomal Cytochrome P-450 in Rat Liver.- Author Index.