Parenting a life span perspective


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This first edition parenting text is the only book on the market that takes an explicit developmental perspective and provides a balanced treatment of research and applications. Both authors are developmental psychologists and therefore utilize research from developmental psychology and provide a strong foundation in actual developmental findings. Other parenting texts are more prescriptive or clinically oriented. This is the only parenting text that features a lifespan perspective including coverage of parenting from infancy through young adulthood, and then addresses grandparenting and other permutations of parenting at the end of the lifespan. This text is perfect for the parenting course found in Human Development, Family Studies, Home Economics, and Developmental Psychology departments.

Part 1: INTRODUCTION TO PARENTING CHAPTER 1: The Parenting Process CHAPTER 2: Theories, Strategies, and Styles of Parenting CHAPTER 3: Parenting in Diverse Cultures and Contexts
Part 2: PARENTING THE DEVELOPING CHILD CHAPTER 4: Transition to Parenthood CHAPTER 5: Parenting Infants and Toddlers CHAPTER 6: Parenting Preschoolers CHAPTER 7: Parenting School-Age Children CHAPTER 8: Parenting Adolescents
Part 3: SPECIAL TOPICS IN PARENTING CHAPTER 9: Parenting Adult Children, Grandparenting, and Parent Giving CHAPTER 10: Single Parenting, Divorce, and Stepparenting CHAPTER 11: Parenting Children with Special Needs CHAPTER 12: Parenting in High-Risk Situations CHAPTER 13: Working Parents and Childcare Epilogue References Index