Philosophy, mathematics and modern physics, a dialogue, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994
A Dialogue

Coordinators: Rudolph Enno, Stamatescu Ion-Olimpiu

Language: Anglais

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Philosophy, Mathematics and Modern Physics
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244 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Paperback

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Philosophy, mathematics and modern physics, a dialogue
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242 p. · 21.6x13.8 cm
In recent times a new dialogue has begun between the natural sciences and the humanities. This is particularly true of physics and philosophy, whose sphere of mutual interest expanded significantly with the advent of quantum mechanics. Among other topics, the discussion covers the evolution of theories, the role of mathematics in the physical sciences, the perception and cognition of nature and definitions of space and time. In contrast to the custom of the last two centuries, mathematics - the language of physics - is once again finding a respected place in the discourse of philosophers. The interdisciplinary communication between philosophers, mathematicians and physicists will be given new impetus by the thoughtful and wide-ranging contributions to this book.
On the Dialogue Between Physics and Philosophy.- Questions Concerning Theory and Experience and the Role of Mathematics in Physical Science.- I Space and Time, Cosmology and Quantum Theory.- Is Conscious Awareness Consistent with Space-Time Descriptions?.- Space and Time: a Privileged Ground for Misunderstandings Between Physics and Philosophy.- On Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory and the Structure of Space-Time.- Quantum Theory — a Window to the World Beyond Physics.- Quantum Cosmology and the Emergence of a Classical World.- On the Origin of Structure in the Universe.- Galaxy Creation in a Non-Big-Bang Universe.- What Kind of Science is Cosmology?.- II Philosophical Concepts and the Mathematics of Physics.- On the Assumption That Our Concepts ‘Structure the Material of Our Experience’.- On the Mathematical Overdetermination of Physics.- The Mathematical Frame of Quantum Field Theory.- The Role of Mathematics in Contemporary Theoretical Physics.- A Most General Principle of Invariance.- Kant and the Straight Biangle.- Substance as Function: Ernst Cassirer’s Interpretation of Leibniz as Criticism of Kant.