Planning and design of airports (4th Ed)


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640 p. · 22.9x15.5 cm · Hardback
Features coverage of the geometric design of landing areas, air traffic control systems, airport security, demand forecasting, airport financing, environmental assessment, terminal and ground access system planning and heliport and vertiport design.
Chapter 1: The Nature of Civil Aviation Chapter 2: Airport Characteristics Related to Aircraft Design Chapter 3: Air Traffic Control Chapter 4: Airport Planning Chapter 5: Forecasting in Aviation and Airport Planning Chapter 6: Airport Configuration Chapter 7: Airport Capacity and Delay Chapter 8: Geometric Design of the Airfield Chapter 9: Planning and Design of the Terminal Area Chapter 10: The Design of Heliport, Vertiports, and STOL Ports Chapter 11: Structural Design of Pavements Chapter 12: Lighting, Signing, and Marking Chapter 13: Airport Drainage Chapter 14: Environmental and Economic Assessment of Projects