Police patrol allocation and deployment (1st ed )


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This is the first book to address patrol allocation and deployment in a single sourcefully discussing the complexities and factors that impact decision making in this area. This text provides a historical assessment of patrol allocation and deployment and covers central issues in the day to day management of police agencies and personnel. Examining all aspects of patrol allocation and deployment, it discusses deployment through scheduling, modern tactical deployment approaches and the evolution of operational deployment strategies.

Part I: Patrol Allocation and Deployment in Context

Chapter 1

Patrol Work: The Context of Allocation and Deployment Strategies

Chapter 2

What We Know from Research on Patrol Effectiveness

Part II: Patrol Allocation

Chapter 3

Historical Analysis of Allocation and Deployment

Chapter 4

Models for Patrol Allocation

Part III: Patrol Deployment

Chapter 5

Deployment through Scheduling

Chapter 6

Modern Tactical Deployment Approaches

Chapter 7

The Evolution of Operational Deployment Strategies