Practical analysis & design for client/ server & GUI systems


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542 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
Witty and informative, this practical guide arms students with the core competencies required to successfully analyze and design today's client/server business information systems, presenting a universal methodology and useful techniques that all developers can use, regardless of the environment they work in.
1. What Is Analysis and Design?
2. The Project Charter.
3. The Context Model.
4. The Event Model.
5. The Information Model.
6. The Interface Prototype.
7. Wrapping up the Analysis Phase.
8. The Architecture Model.
9. Relational Database Design.
10. Graphical User Interface Concepts.
11. External Interface Design.
12. Internal Component Design.
13. Ten Myths of Client/Server Development.
Appendix: McVet Case Study.

  • Instills the rigor and discipline necessary to build solid software applications by laying a foundation for successful client/server and GUI analysis and design. Provides complete coverage of project charters, context modeling, event modeling, information modeling interface prototyping and resolving business issues. Helps students master the design and creation of the graphical user interface, manage and maintain systems using object-oriented programming constructs, design databases capable of servicing the needs of multiple business sites, and link geographically-distributed users together, both inside and outside of the enterprise.
  • Presents key analytical techniques and design concepts that get client/server projects delivered in a timely and sensible manner, and includes sta