Practical digital logic design and testing


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Number systems. Error detecting and correcting codes. Sets. Relations, graphs and Boolean algebra. Combinatorial logic design. Fundamentals of sequential logic. Synchronous sequential circuits. Asynchronous sequential circuits. Registers and counters. Arithmetic circuits. Digital integrated circuits. Testing and testability.

1. Number Systems.

2. Error Detecting and Correcting Codes.

3. Sets, Relations, Graphs and Boolean Algebra.

4. Combinational Logic Design.

5. Fundamental Concepts of Sequential Logic.

6. Synchronous Sequential Circuits.

7. Asynchronous Sequential Circuits.

8. Registers and Counters.

9. Arithmetic Circuits.

10. Digital Integrated Circuits.

11. Testing and Testability.

This text presents the essentials of modern logic design. It conveys key concepts in a clear, informal manner, demonstrating theory through numerous examples to establish a theoretical basis for practical applications. It covers all major topics including PLD-based digital design.