Professionalism (2nd ed )


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288 p. · 21.6x27.6 cm · Paperback

Extends beyond a typical resume/job search book to seamlessly emphasize the relationship between resume development, job search skills, and human relations. Developed with input from industry leaders, it addresses topics readers need to know when entering the workplace and fills the NBEA Professional Development Requirement. This up-to-date guide fills the NBEA Professional Development course requirement and includes topics such as:

  • Job search strategiesJob search strategies
  • Resume development
  • Goal setting and life management
  • Time management
  • Personal finance
  • Ethics, politics and diversity
  • Business etiquette and dress
  • Human resources
  • Conflict and negotiation and more

Covers material on both resume/job search strategies and human relations-in one complete text!

This book is expressly written for workshop trainers to motivate individuals toward success in the workplace. It is also a perfect guide for unemployed or underemployed individuals looking to improve their skill set and become more employable.

Module 1: Self Management

1. Your Attitude and Personality

2. Goal Setting and Life Management

3. Personal Financial Management

4. Time and Stress Management/Organizational Skills

Module 2: Workplace Basics

5. Ethics, Politics, and Diversity

6. Etiquette/Dress

7. Customer Service/Quality

8. Human Resource Management

Module 3: Relationships

9. Communication

10. Accountability and Workplace Relationships

11. Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership

12. Conflict and Negotiation

Module 4: Career Planning Tools

13. Job Search Skills

14. Resume Package

15. Interview Techniques

16. Career and Life Changes