Psychometric theory, 3rd ed.


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The classic text is Psychometric Theory. Like the previous edition, this text is designed as a comprehensive text in measurement for researchers and for use in graduate courses in psychology, education and areas of business such as management and marketing. It is intended to consider the broad measurement problems that arise in these areas and is written for a reader who needs only a basic background in statistics to comprehend the material. It also combines classical procedures that explain variance with modern inferential procedures.

Part TWO: STATISTICAL FOUNDATIONS CHAPTER 2: Traditional Approaches to Scaling CHAPTER 3: Validity CHAPTER 4: Elements of Statistical Description and Estimation CHAPTER 5: Linear Combinations, Partial Correlation, Multiple Correlation, and Multiple Regression
Part THREE: CONSTRUCTION OF MULTI-ITEM MEASURES CHAPTER 6: The Theory of Measurement Error CHAPTER 7: The Assessment of Reliability CHAPTER 8: Construction of Conventional Tests CHAPTER 9: Special Problems in Classical Test Theory
Part FOUR: FACTOR ANALYSIS CHAPTER 10: Recent Developments in Test Theory CHAPTER 11: Factor Analysis I: The General Model and Variance Condensations CHAPTER 12: Exploratory Factory Analysis II: Rotation and other Topics CHAPTER 13: Conformatory Factor Analysis
Part FIVE: ADDITIONAL STATISTICAL MODELS, CONCEPTS AND ISSUES CHAPTER 14: Profile Analysis, Discriminant Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling CHAPTER 15: The Analysis of Categorical Data, Binary Classification, and Alternatives too Geometric Representations