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The New Quick, Simple Office 2000 series offers step-by-step, hands-on guides to learning Microsoft s latest powerful applications. Supported by numerous exercises and projects designed to appeal to a wide range of students, there practical and informative texts are ideal for short, introductory courses on windows 98 and office 2000.

Ericksen s unique what why how and tip framework enables students not only to learn what they are doing but how and why they are performing tasks.

The typical course length for the Ericksen series is 6-8 contact hours.

1. Getting Started
2. Creating and Viewing Presentations
3. Editing the Presentation
4. Changing the Look of the Presentation
5. Adding Graphic Elements to Slides
6. Creating a Slide Show
7. Making the presentation use friednly
8. Adding hyperlinks and creating web presentations
Appendix A: Alphabetized list of tasks

  • What/How/Why/Tip sections begin each task, offering short explanations of the skill to be learned and the reason for learning it
  • Step-by-step instructions walk the use through each task and are enhanced with vibrant, four colour screen shots
  • Pointers provide additional information and are interspersed through the task sections of each unit
  • A summary of tasks learned, as well as true/false, multiple choice and short answer sections are included in the end-of-unit objective reviews
  • What dies this do? Questions ask students to define the functions of buttons and keystrokes
  • On your own review exercises reinforce tasks and allow students to practice their skills
  • Projects throughout require students to apply each unit s material in the creation of new documents